Silver Dolphin Books: Scanorama Book Review

I always have my eye out for great books that cultivate curiosity. It seems that nature provides such a fascinating range topics, that kids will spend hours pouring over books and not even know that they are reading or learning. A good animal book has not only engaging pictures, but fascinating information that will spark deep thinking and further research. When I saw the Scanorama book series from Silver Dolphin Books, I knew my kids would fall in love with them. They have everything I look for in a good book and more!

deadly predators book

I received a copy of the Scanorama Deadly Predator's book for free in return for my honest review. I was compensated for my time. All of my opinions are my own.

Extraordinary Experience with Scanorama Books

Silver Dolphin Books' latest series brings an extraordinary experience to their readers with Scanorama books. With interactive sliding windows, you can see x-ray views of some of the most amazing creatures. There are three books in the series:

  • Scanorama: Amazing Animals
  • Scanorama: Deadly Predators
  • Scanorama: Dinosaurs

Each book features five transparent sliders that allow readers to look under the skin of some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. There are also some neat flaps throughout to peek under that reveal fascinating facts. Not only are these books beautiful, but they are very informative and fun to read.


Using Comparison to Cultivate Curiosity

When I picked it up Scanorama: Deadly Predators, I was immediately drawn to the use of comparison to gain understanding about the deadly predators that fill the book. Each category of predator listed contains the top 5 examples in the world. Here are some of the fascinating comparisons:

  • How is their prey different?
  • What parts of the country do they inhabit?
  • Which one is the tallest?
  • How big are they compared to a human?
  • How deadly are they?

With colorful images, and helpful infographics, each page is engaging and filled with fascinating information.


Want to see further inside? Check out this quick video tour of the Scanorama book series.

Using Curiosity to Spur on Further Research

The Scanorama book series will make a great source for research in upper elementary grades. While there is not a ton of information about each predator, there are plenty of  ideas brought up that could lead to some amazing further research. Here are some ideas:

  • Dive deeper into an individual animal's habitat.
  • Research the geography of the land around that animal.
  • Look into the availability of the predator's prey.
  • Discover why a particular species is endangered.
  • Research the bone structure of a new species and create your own Scanorama book page.


Scanorama Book Giveaway

Silver Dolphin Books is hosting a giveaway for their Scanorama book series. Ten winners will get their choice of Scanorama book. These can be shipped to USA or Canadian addresses only. 
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