5 Days of Making Time for Mom – Time to Love

5 Days of Making Time for Mom – Time to Love

Thanks for joining me today for my 5 Days of Making Time for Mom series. This week we’re looking at different ways to make time for yourself so that you can avoid burnout. Yesterday I talked about how to make time for friends. Today we’re talking about making time to love.

Time to Love (1)

The Danger of Forgetting Your First Love

Remember those days when you were first married? You spent all of your available time and energy loving on your new spouse. For us, three months in I found out that I was pregnant, and our world changed. Life creeps in whether it's a job, kids, or other pursuits.

You think that you'll never fall out of love, but our view of love is all emotion based. We forget that marriage is a relationship that is dynamic. Each of you are continuing to grow and change over time, and if you don't continue getting to know one another, you can quickly find yourself married to a stranger.

If you forget why you love your spouse, you can set yourself for a world of trouble. All of the sudden, every man looks better than the one you're with. We vow to love and cherish through any situation, except forgetfulness that is.

The Value of Putting Your Marriage First

There is an order to things. The marriage is a picture of the church's relationship with Christ. Nothing should come before our relationship with Christ. In the same way, when you are married, no other relationship should be more important than yours with your spouse.

Team Work

Often when my husband and I are stuck in a fighting cycle, we find that absolutely nothing gets accomplished. We're both choosing selfishness, and everyone suffers. When your relationship is secure, you are pulling in the same direction. God blesses the harmony with unity.

Service Oriented

If I'm viewing my own needs before others, I'm living a self-serving lifestyle. It can get pretty ugly to be near me in times like this. However, when I put my relationship with my husband first, I love him with a sacrificial love. It's in this attitude of service that I best imitate Christ. Joy flows from service, and it is refreshing.

Kids Will Grow Up

Even though you may be in your tenth year of diaper changing, it will not last forever. Actually, once the diapers are out of the picture, the years fly by like lightning. The kids are going to grow up, and you'll be left with your spouse. Alone. Your stomach should be filled with butterflies of excitement at the thought of that, and not dread.

The reality is that there is not enough time for everything that you'd like to do. It's so important to make time for the things that really matter. In doing so, you'll have the blessing of a nourished soul that has margin for pouring into others.

How do you make time for your husband?

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