Bouncy Bands for Fidgety Feet

It has been wonderful to spend hours in the pool, or afternoons in the park to let loose all of that energy that seems to be trapped inside the bodies of my kids. The summer is ending, and with school starting back, I need a way to expend some of that energy while getting school work done. Bouncy Bands to the rescue.

A good friend brought Bouncy Bands to our home school community day to help her son focus in class. He thrived on kicking the little band of rubber stretched between his feet. Thankfully, the chairs at the church where we meet are very similar to chairs in public school, so they work perfectly there. I wanted to try one at home because I have some wiggly kids that might benefit from the fidget therapy. But how would it work at home?

Bouncy Bands

This post is sponsored by Bouncy Bands. I received a free Bouncy Band in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

What are Bouncy Bands?

Bouncy Bands are made up of two heavy duty plastic pipes that fit around metal chair legs, and suspend a thick rubber band between them. Students can rest their feet on the bouncy bands, as well as kick, bounce, wiggle, fidget, and everything in between.

They take about five minutes to install, and they are super sturdy, so they'll withstand a lot of fidgeting.

How do they work at home?

While the bouncy bands are designed to fit perfectly on school chairs or desks, we do most of our school work around the dining room table. The included plastic pipes do not fit around any of the chairs in our home except for the chairs in our back yard. Even though my kids would probably enjoy taking our school out there, in Texas, we'd melt before any school work was completed.

My husband tried placing the Bouncy Bands on one of our regular dining chairs. They fit so well, that they didn't budge. It is secure on the chair without causing any damage to the wood. Check out how we have enjoyed them:


The Buzz About Bouncy Bands

Since the Bouncy Bands are installed on a chair in my dining room, the kids have been fighting over who gets the special chair. My favorite surprise was when my mother sat down at the chair and her eyes lit up. "Oh wow! This is like physical therapy. This is pretty nice."

Another friend came over one day and found the Bouncy Band chair and exclaimed: "This is brilliant! I need one of these to help me sit still during our schooling at home!"

I primarily wanted a Bouncy Band for my youngest. She reported:

Bouncy Bands

My 16 year old son also enjoys the rubber foot rest. He used to get in trouble at public school for being one of those chatty active students. He said:

It's nice to have a way to fidget without getting in trouble.


Where to Find Bouncy Bands

You can order directly on the Bouncy Bands website. There are great testimonials there as well as videos demonstrating installation.

You can also get them on Amazon. Since I don't need the pipes for my chairs, I can simply purchase the Replacement Bouncy Bands for chairs if I want a couple more for my students.

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  1. Scott Ertl on August 17, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Loved the video!

    • Betsy on August 17, 2016 at 10:20 pm

      Thanks! We had so much fun playing with the bouncy bands 🙂

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