A Mother Must – Memorizing Scripture: Matters of the Heart

I haven't continued memorizing scripture like I did when I was young. Hiding God's Word in your heart is a must for a mother. Recently at the THSC Convention, every scripture that was quoted sparked a song I had learned when I was young to memorize the verse. I was thankful that those verses were tucked away, but I realized that my pursuit of memorizing scripture was a thing of my past.

I recently was given the opportunity to preview a new book by Carlie Kercheval that has reignited my desire to hide God's Word in my heart. She's put together 52 verses to memorize throughout the year with thought provoking encouragement. I can't wait to get started memorizing scripture!
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Tips for Memorizing Scripture

  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat. You don't have to be clever to hide God's Word in your heart. Simply say the verse every day or twice a day. Isn't this how you memorized the pledge of allegiance?
  2. Add a Tune - Seeds Family Worship does an amazing job of putting scripture to music. You don't have to be an amazing musician to put a verse to a tune. Try a familiar tune that you know well. The simpler it is, the easier your verse will be to remember.
  3. Add motions - Some verses lend themselves to hand motions. Make them obvious and easy to remember. If you make them complicated, you may focus more on memorizing the motions rather than memorizing scripture.
  4. Draw it - It's amazing how illustrating a verse can really draw out the meaning of a verse and help you memorize it at the same time.

Matters of the Heart - A 52 Week Mom Challenge

We focus so often on teaching our children that we forget we must pour from a full vessel and not an empty one. By filling our hearts with truth from God's Word, we can be equipped to pour out God's love to our children.

Carlie Kercheval's book Matters of the Heart is a great tool for helping you get moving towards being more like David, a man (or woman) after God's own heart. Here's what Carlie shares about the heart behind her book:

This challenge was created with the modern-day Proverbs 31 woman in mind. In today’s world we have to be extremely intentional about carving out time to connect with God. And I believe that rather than rushing our time in His Word, we should practice the habit of meditating on it so He can speak to the depths of our soul. That is why I have created a week-long challenge for each memory verse. It is my experience that the longer we meditate on God’s Word, the more clearly we hear His voice.

I encourage you to take as long as you need to for each “weekly” challenge. While this challenge was created with a year-long time frame in mind, please do not rush the process of memorization and connection with God. Use this challenge as a guideline and not an absolute. I believe that you will find your rhythm within the challenge, and that is what you should follow.

She's also created some additional resources to make memorizing scripture more meaningful and fun. I love these beautiful scripture cards and the printable journal that matches.

printable Scripture cards


Special Release Week Pricing

Matters of the Heart will be on sale for the first week of its release: (8/1-8/8) will be as follows:
  • BUNDLE PRICING (BEST DEAL!): If you want a GREAT deal, you can get the digital book, prayer & reflection journal, and printable scripture memory cards: $15.00 (after launch week goes up to $20)
    • Matters of the Heart Book - digital files PDF, NOOK (.epub), and KINDLE (.mobi): $8.00 (after launch week goes up to $10)
    • Prayer + Reflection Journal PDF: $6.00 (after launch week goes up to $8.00)
    • Printable 3x5 Scripture Cards: $5.00 (after launch week goes up to $7.00)

So who wants to join me in a scripture memory challenge?

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