5 Simple Resources for Including Science in Morning Time

Morning time is a great time to include your family's science studies. With my younger students, my main focus is on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Science does not receive a bulk of our study time. However, I do want my children to grow in curiosity and wonder about the world around them. Day 4 of my 10 Days of Morning Time Resources is all about science. By including science in morning time I can draw out those ideas, without sacrificing the basics.

There are so many great resources that you could utilize for studying science in morning time. You really could just go to the library and find some lovely nature books to pour over together. The resources I've listed below each add a bit of a bonus feature to your studies. I love when I can integrate subjects and use only one resource.

Science in Morning Time


1. Christian Kids Explore Science Series

I love the Christian Kids Explore Science series from Bright Ideas Press. The lessons are structured for teaching twice a week. However, these aren't your typical science text books. Filled with hands on activities, this clearly Christian science curriculum provides a great opportunity for conversational learning in your morning time.

Christian Kids Explore Science

Titles include:

It's recommended to start with either the Earth and Space or Biology texts, and then work up from there. What I love about using this material is that the whole family can learn together. It's easy to scale the work up or down according to the students you're directing.

2. St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone

 If your looking for a way to incorporate theology and science, check out this amazing little book by Dave Palmer: St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone. Incorporating outdoor adventures, fun activities, and "awe and wonder" readings, Palmer encourages readers to see God working at all times in the world around them.

There is nothing more important for young scientists than to practice observation skills and cultivate wonder. This would be a great resource for reading once a week adding science in morning time.

3. Christian Liberty Nature Readers

If you're looking for a simple solution for science in morning time, you might try the Christian Liberty Nature Readers. These are simple stories that bring nature to life. You could simply read a chapter a week during your morning time and find your students soaking up great facts, wondering about curious creatures, and revealing in God's Truth. I love having these books on our shelf because they make excellent resources down the road for older student's research. My Challenge A students love them for finding interesting facts to add to their writing.

Christian Liberty Nature Readers

4. Memorize the Periodic Table

Science in morning time doesn't have to just include reading. Last year we used a couple minutes of our morning time each day to work on memorizing the periodic table. Let me tell you, this was SO fun! The kids loved the crazy stories, and everyone was blessed by finding success in memorizing something as challenging as the periodic table.  See my full review of the material here.

Periodic Table Memory Story

We used the printable resource sheets included in the full package to create our own periodic table. Memory work is always a blessing as it lays the groundwork for success in science in later years.

5. The Sassafras Science Adventure Books

(c) Sassafrass Science

(c) Sassafrass Science

If you're looking for adventure, check out this living book series. The Sassafras Science Adventures follow twins as they zip line through science adventures. This living book series is designed to bring the scientific method to life in story form.

There are also many great additional resources to supplement your story time. Each volume has a myriad of supporting resources to keep everyone loving learning science in morning time. Check out their lapbooks, audiobooks, experiment kids, logbooks, and coloring pages.

The series isn't complete yet, but here's their plan:


How do you include science in morning time?

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  1. Rebecca Reid on July 14, 2016 at 10:14 am

    I love the idea about memorizing the periodic table!

    • Betsy on July 14, 2016 at 10:14 am

      It is such a cool memory tool. We loved it!

  2. Diane Lockman on July 14, 2016 at 11:27 am

    Wish I’d thought of the post-it-note game to memorize the Periodic Table when my kids were still at home! :-p

  3. Carlen on July 15, 2016 at 1:09 am

    We love the periodic table course, too! I will have to try The Sassafras Science Adventures! Thank you.

  4. Trena on July 15, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    I’m going to start Sassafras with my kids this school year. All the resources look great. I have the CLP Readers on my shelves and used them briefly (and then forgot I had them.. HAHA!)… what I recall we enjoyed them, but got busy with other things.

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