I Enjoy Freedom to Home School in Texas Thanks to THSC

When I first considered home schooling, I didn't know what to expect. What do I need to tell the school? Did I need to submit lesson plans anywhere? What am I supposed to teach?

What I discovered is that Texas is a wonderful place to be home schooling. Over the past few days I've been at a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum, which is sponsored by the Texas Home School Coalition. Before our shopping breaks, they've been sharing videos that have been so informative about why I get to enjoy freedom to home school in Texas.

What Makes Home Schooling in Texas Easier?

While Texas is a free home schooling state, it hasn't always been that way. THSC has been fighting for parents' rights for the past 25 years. One of the greatest challenges is the power of the CPS in Texas. While we might be free to home school, there are bills that are continually being put up for a vote that could severely restrict parental rights.

History of Home Schooling in Texas 

If we want to keep these freedoms in Texas, we need to support the people that fight for our parental rights. Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Become a THSC Member. I joined at the THSC Convention in May. Aside from supporting their freedom fighting pursuits, as a THSC member you also get these great benefits.
  2. Tell your Texas home schooling friends. Don't keep a good thing to yourself! Tell others about the amazing resources offered by THSC. Check out their Facebook page, and share the articles that resonate with you!
  3. Are you a blogger? Tell your readers! And join us in a blogger fellowship at the THSC Convention at the Woodlands.

Every year, THSC hosts home school conventions to encourage and educate home school parents. I attended the convention in Arlington in May, and it was awesome. On July 21-23, they are hosting another convention in the Woodlands. It's going to be bigger and better than ever.

In order to encourage and bless bloggers, THSC is encouraging us to come and fellowship at the convention. Here's the info:

1. $50 off their registration - use it  that will either get them and their spouse in for free or if they are or become THSC Members, they can use the $50 credit toward children's programs and/or tickets for the Amazing Chemistry Show or Encouragement by Chocolate. Use this code: BLOGGER2016

2. A chance to meet-up with other local bloggers at the home school Blogger Special Fellowship hour from 2:30-3:30 PM Central on Saturday in the Woodlands

3. A chance to have your blog listed on the Texas (or friends of Texas) home school blogroll on their website just for showing up at the Saturday social and coming to the convention.

4. Promotion of your blog posts if you are listed on the blogroll and inclusion on a special THSC home school Blogger facebook page where you can do some online networking with all the ladies you met in real life at THSC this year! That means you’ll have ongoing friendships and promotion of your material long after the conference is over!

THSC Convention

photo courtesy of Sprittibee

Here’s all they ask you to do if you want to get involved:

1. Copy one of the buttons on this page (or go copy the code on their own site – once they have their blogger page up and running!) and place it in your blog’s sidebar until after the conferences are both over for 2016. You can link these buttons to the following website url:


Here are the buttons. To download, just right click and select download image. Then upload it to your own WordPress or blog image hosting service for you to place in your sidebar and blog posts along with the link above.




2. Go register for the conference with the home school blogger $50 off code: BLOGGER2016

3. Set the date on your calendar with a reminder to be at the Home School Blogger Special Fellowship at 2:30-3:30PM Saturday, July 23rd.

4. Fill out this THSC Home School Blogger Google form AFTER you register so we can add you to the THSC Facebook blogger group and their Texas (or surrounding state) home school blogroll on the THSC website!

5. Use these hashtags (at least one or two per post, alternated) with your social media shares so we can follow you online and share your posts: #THSCConvention, #THSCKnowsTX, #THSC

That’s it. All you have to do after that is show up and bring your business cards and a smile to share with all of us home school bloggin’ mamas who want to meet you IRL!

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