5 Simple Tools to Encourage Summer Brain Gain

As much as I dream of being a year round home schooler, I can never quite pull it off. I could blame the unpredictable schedule, unexpected guests, or unmotivated children, but the reality is that we all enjoy the break. However, months of fun can easily turn into the dreaded summer brain.

It's nice to rest and enjoy the summer together. In Texas, that means days out in the pool enjoying cool relief from the hot sun. However, summertime fun doesn't have to exclude learning. There are many great tools out there to have on hand for reclaiming the summer. Here is a round up of fun and games for summer brain gain!

summer brain

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Times Tales DVD – Learn Multiplication Tables in an Hour
times tales dvd

Times Tales is an interactive animated DVD that teaches kids the upper times tables without memorization. You won't feel guilty popping in this DVD for a little escape from the heat. Students can simply follow along with the entertaining story. As they progress, they’ll be guided into associating the stories they’ve learned with real math. With 70 reviews it has a five-star average rating.

Here's one parent:

“I was so excited to receive this DVD, but I was not prepared for how wonderful it would be! Few things exceed expectations in the way this learning tool did. I purchased it as a reinforcement tool for my middle schooler and she has really benefitted from it. As an added bonus, my preschooler is also well on his way to learning his multiplication facts, too!” – Lacey F.

Good for: Ages 5 to 12

Price: $19.99 down from $29.99!

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Magic School Bus – Math & Science Explosions!Magic School Bus - Math & Science Explosions!

Magic School Bus is an all time favorite for all ages - myself included. I always thought Miss Frizzle was SO cool.

This Math and Science Explosion combo is a 2-in-1 of hands-on math and science fun. The math board game is a race to make the volcano explode – first player to get all the math facts right wins!

The double sided board means the gamified learning can go on for a long time, perfect for summer afternoons!

Good for: ALL ages

Price: $53.99 down from $60!
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Digitally Hooked on Phonics


This is a fun and incredibly effective gift that keeps on giving since it's a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION.

Reading is a skill that can easily atrophy over the summer. Any parent who has struggled to teach their student to read knows that it is in their best interest to back track as little as possible. Nurture your child's reading and confidence with the right blend of interactive learn-to-read tools! It can be synced with computer, tablet, or phone. It's perfect for traveling (and even longer errands with the kids) since you don't need internet for use. This is a summer learning no brainer.

Good for: Ages 4-7

Price: $29.99 down from $49.99

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Exclusive STEM Bundle - 7 Awesome Experiments


Magnets, crystals, fossils - oh my! There are 7 kits in this incredible (and incredibly priced) set, perfect for any budding scientist. Sending your kids to STEM camps is all the rage, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

With hands-on learning, this is a fun way to recreate that camp at home while engaging all of your children, including special needs. Spur your kids curiosity in STEM(Science, Technology Engineering and Math) and have fun together while learning about the world.

As one parent put it,

My 5 homeschooled kids loved this. I have a special needs child and this was a fun way to show him about science. It was so worth getting. I think I will keep buying these every year for all year long projects. -Shelly W.

Good for: Ages 5-10

Price: $59.95 down from $109.99, PLUS ships FREE to the continental US!

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Summer Checklist - Check!


You can check "Summer Activities List" from your OTHER list of to-dos this month with this fun round-up of 52 summer pursuits including indoor and outdoor adventures, as well as simple activities easily integrated into your day.

Download it, print it, and stick it on the fridge (or bring along for family visits) for a little daily inspiration this summer!

Price: Free - download it with one click!

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How do your prevent summer brain drain?

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