Family is not a noun. It’s a verb.

Last week at the Great Homeschool Convention, I had the opportunity to hear Ann Voscamp speak.  One of the beautiful nuggets of wisdom that I wrote down from her talk was"

Family isn't a noun, but a verb.  

It's not a thing, but an action that we do.  

I've experienced beautiful expressions of family this past week in the midst of losing a member of my physical family.


Family Meals

When you sign up to bring a meal to someone in need, your taking care of a physical need that meets a spiritual need.  It doesn't have to be fancy, but it is such a blessing.  We've had so many wonderful meals, and then sweet gifts of groceries, plates, cups, and toilet paper.

It seems silly, but with each gift, I feel that sweetness of family surrounding me.  It's not so much in the thing that they bring, but in the bringing.  The thoughtful actions of sweet friends become family to me.

Family Presents

Holidays are a time where you shower your loved ones with tokens of your love.  One of the most thoughtful gifts we received was Easter baskets filled with books, games, and sweets. There was no way that I was going to pull this together, and instead of just skipping it, I had friends stand in the gap for me.

family presents

Family Presence

Kids spell love T-I-M-E. I think I do too.  One of the sweetest ways that I've experienced family this week has been the generous gifts of time given by sweet friends. From coming to sit with me at the hospital, to cleaning up my kitchen, I've been showered with family this week.

It's so hard when someone has experienced a tragedy to know what to say, but the reality is that there isn't anything good to say. But family is soothing balm for the soul. There is something precious about a friend that will come and sit and cry with you.

I love the idea of family being a verb, and I'm so thankful that my family is not shrinking, but expanding.

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