Top 5 Sweet Healthy Snacks

I am a sucker for sweet snacks.  I love cookies, cakes, ice cream...pretty much anything that you shouldn't eat in mass quantities, I am drawn to.  Therefore, if I want to make better choices in my diet, I'd better have some sweet health snacks that are easy to whip up and tasty too!

Here's my top 5 sweet snacks that I love:

#1:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I first found this on the Girl Gone Country blog.  While this looks really dangerous, it's just Greek yogurt with a bit of peanut butter, and a couple of chocolate chips.  It is healthy and super filling.  You don't need much to be satisfied.  My kids love it for breakfast!

2.  Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding#2 Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding

So chocolate pudding doesn't have to be a dangerous thing.  If you replace the sugar in this almond milk chocolate pudding recipe with stevia, you'll have a sweet and satisfying little treat.  Top with a dollop of whipped cream (the good stuff) and you'll think you're enjoying the real thing.

3.  Fruit and String Cheese

#3 fruit and string cheese

Fruit is a simple go-to for a quick sweet snack, but if not paired with protein, it can tank my blood sugar in a blink!  The easiest solution to this difficulty is string cheese.  Recently I was challenged by a little string cheese lover that I was not eating it correctly.  In my haste, I gobbled up my cheese without tearing a single string.  You've been's not just a snack, but also an activity!

4.  Skinny Chocolate

#4 Skinny Chocolate

While these tasty treats look large in the picture, they are actually small lovely bites.  Skinny chocolate blends coconut oil and cocoa to make a wonderfully luxurious treat that offers good fat and satisfies appetites.  My favorite version mixes in peanut butter and dark chocolate unsweetened cocoa powder. I originally was inspired from the New Lighter Life.  Try these out.  So good!

5. Protein Shakes

Sweet Healthy Snacks #5

I love a good milk shake, but they are definitely not easy on the hips.  If I can get away with a shake that is equally sweet and tasty, but filled with protein (without all of the sugar), I'm a happy girl.  Even better, if I can get my husband or son to become a protein shake expert, then I can have one made for me and I truly feel like I'm enjoying a luxurious snack.  Yum!

sweet healthy snacks

So those are my top 5 sweet healthy snacks.  What do you like to eat when you have a sweet craving?

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