Great Homeschool Convention 2016

I've been to many homeschool conventions since I started homeschooling, but none have compared to the Great Homeschool Convention.  I know everyone will have their own experience at each convention, and it matters deeply which workshops you attend, but let me tell you why, if you're a classical educator, this convention is particularly awesome.

The 2016 Great Homeschool Convention Dates & Locations

Great Homeschool Convention 2016

I am not a paid sponsor for the Great Homeschool Convention.  I am writing this because I love this conference and I want more people to know about it.  This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure policy for more details.

Classical Education Track

One of the aspects of homeschool conventions that overwhelms me the most is the tendency to be "sold" on everything.  Granted, most of the reason this is an issue is that I am a sucker for curriculum.  I love all of the amazing products that people have come up with to help me educate my children.  What stood out for me at the Great Homeschool Convention was they had gathered all of the people who have written the materials I already use, and brought them to one place to enrich my thinking and refresh my soul.  Here's the lineup that I'm excited about for 2016:

Let me tell you a little about my history with Andrew Kern.  In 2009, I attended my first Classical Conversations Practicum in which my heart was stirred like no other by Andrew Kern's talk: A Contemplation of Nature.  We listened in a large group to an audio recording of it.  Then, in 2010 I attended my first Circe Conference in Arlington, TX where my thoughts were challenged and my heart stirred once again at A Contemplation of Man.  I have since started using his writing curriculum: The Lost Tools of Writing. He's like a pastor to me - he challenges my thinking and inspires me to live a more godly life as an educator.

I've been using Adam Andrew's Teaching the Classics for about five years now.  This summer our Classical Conversations group met together to watch these videos, and then we continued to his Worldview Detective series.  It was a great opportunity to learn together how to be better equipped to discuss literature with our children.  My favorite talk of his last year was his Education in an Hour.  Sarah Mackenzie interviewed him on Read Aloud Revival as a follow up on this talk to further flesh out the ideas. It's an incredible resource.

While I don't currently use any of Dr. Perrin's materials, I have used his Latin for Children materials, and they are excellent.  He has such a desire to grow in his understanding of Classical Education, and he is extremely humble about how much he still has to learn.  My favorite session I heard from him last year was his talk with Sarah Mackenzie about Scholé.

So until last year at the Great Homeschool Convention, I had never heard of Sarah Mackenzie.  She spoke with Dr. Perrin on scholé and they were an awesome combo.  He would talk about the history and theory of scholé, and then Sarah would speak on the reality of  the practice when you have kids!  They were an amazing combo and such an encouragement to me.  Her book Teaching From Rest has been the best read of the year for me.
Okay, so that's my short list.  If I could go to the conference and only hear from those people, I'd be happy.  However, the speaker list is incredible.  Nowhere can you get to hear from this many classically minded educators in one place for such a low price.
Currently an individual registration is $30, and a family registration is $45.
 Great Homeschool Convention 2016 early bird registration
Prices go up soon, so click here to register!
Last year I went with two of my good friends.  It was so fun to process all that we learned together.  Check out one of my friend's reviews here: Why I follow the Classical Education CrowdOur Journey into Classical Education

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