If I Only Read Historical Fiction, I wouldn’t be able to read….

Historical fiction make up some of my family's favorite read alouds.  However, there can be too much of a good thing. My first year homeschooling, I used a curriculum that centered everything around the history studied that year.  It was a great opportunity to integrate ideas between subjects, but it restricted our read alouds to historical fiction. Even the books that my son was to read on his own were period specific.

limits of only reading historical fiction

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While I loved the program, I soon realized that if I only read historical fiction, there would be so many good books that I would miss out on reading.  Since then, our family has found ourselves enjoying so many different kinds of books as well as historical fiction without being tied to them.  It's so tempting to schedule out my read alouds based on the history we're studying, but then here's what I would be saying:

Historical fiction rejects stories from other worlds:

Historical fiction denies stories that feature animals as the main character:

Historical fiction passes on stories about modern kids:

Historical fiction limits stories that make us laugh:

Historical fiction has no room for stories involving fairies, princesses or mermaids:

Stories written in Allegorical form:

While this is not an exhaustive list, this represents 50 books that wouldn't make our reading list if we read only historical fiction.  I love these books as they inspire the imagination.  I also love the freedom of choosing what to read next!

Historical fiction limitations

What's on your read aloud list?


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