Sunday Reflections: School is Back

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Life at the Strauss House...

School started back this week: our first week of Challenge 1 with our Classical Conversations community. The girls don't start It's been great to get everyone back into the rhythm of getting up and learning together.

Where I'm reading in the Bible...

I haven't made it very far in 1 John, but I've been blessed by going slowly.  The word "fellowship" is a word that flows through the text.  In the Vulgate, the word used is "societas" - where we get words like "social, society, socialization..." This Latin verb translates as united, joined, allied, or associated.  Often it seems that fellowship with believers simply means hanging out, and not necessarily being united.  I've been pondering what builds unity and what breaks down unity.  My desire is to be a cultivator of true fellowship as John (by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) intended it.

What books we're reading...

Jason: He's still chipping away at his regular books, but he's added one we're reading together

Betsy: .

Family Read Alouds: With our school routine back in full swing, we love taking time to enjoy good books together.

  • The Magician's Nephew - we've been listening to this one in the car as we travel around from place to place.  This is such a beautiful gets better with every read!
  • My Book House, Volume 2 - So, I've had this book series since Will was a baby...a guy came selling encyclopedias and these books, and we bought them.  It took us about 11 years to appreciate the encyclopedia set, and I'm just now taking the time to read them aloud to my family!  They are awesome!  My favorite part is the little notes at the bottom that suggest classical pieces to go with the stories.  Volume 2 is a mix of poetry, Aesop's fables, and other short folk tales.

Andy: Even though school is back on, he's inspired to make time in his schedule for personal reading


  • The Mysterious Benedict Society - she's been listening to this one on Audible
  • Crispin: The Cross of Lead - She's reading this one to me for school.  I love hearing her read to me.
  • Nature Anatomy - she carries this book around with her to read when she gets a chance.  This one is one of her favorites because it combines science and art - two of her loves.


  • The Fairy's Mistake - finished! Every page was read by this sweet 9 year old.  It is a huge accomplishment!


Steps towards a healthier lifestyle...

My husband has started getting up with me in the mornings to walk.  I've got to say that it has been surprising how much quality talking time we've had this week just walking together.  If I can work on being healthier physically and have the side benefit of having a healthier relationship with my husband, I'm all for it!

Low carb recipe of the week: Slow Cooker Poor Boy Chicken

This week's highlights...

My son and I started back into Challenge I last Tuesday.  Even though I've directed Challenge the past two years, I'm still nervous every year we start back.  This year I added six new faces to my class and it was such an amazing group of kids. I look forward to learning and growing with them.  We've figured out a new way to get all of our stuff to CC...because we move in, and then leave without a trace.  I love having both of my guys at community with me.

Gearing up for Challenge 1

My husband and I also celebrated our 16th Anniversary.  It's amazing how time flies when you're raising kids.  We got pregnant three months after we were married, and celebrated our first anniversary with our three week old son.

16th Anniversary

Sunday Reflections:

As I look back over the week, ten things I can thank God for :

  • Celebrating 16 years of marriage with my husband!
  • My niece is one of my students in my Challenge 1 class.  It thrills my heart to have her with us!
  • A cool front in Texas that gave me a glimpse of good days to come.
  • My husband helping the girls purge their room!  What a blessing.
  • Prayers of friends - I felt surrounded by prayer this week.
  • Enjoying a museum with my kids
  • Free food at Chick-fil-a...why does the Calendar card thrill me so?
  • Learning to appreciate good music with SQUILT guides...we've caught the bug, and we can't wait to learn more
  • Lavender essential makes my room so soothing at night
  • Reading with my family - I love how a good book draws us together

As we journey through another school year, our prayer is that we maintain a clear focus of Christ as the center of it all.

The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

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