60 Places to go in North Texas to Observe Nature

Living in the concrete jungle, or even suburbia, you can't just walk out your back door and find a wealth of options for observing nature.  While there are plenty of bugs, trees, and birds to watch in my back yard, sometimes I'd like to inspire my little scientists with more.  Here's my list of 60 great places to go in the North Texas area to observe nature.  Some are farther away than others, but all have day trip potential from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Zoos & Aquariums:

Observe nature in zoos and aquariums

With amazing animals to observe and beautiful landscaping, zoos are a wonderful place to go for nature inspiration.  Consider getting a zoo pass so that you can go and sit and watch one animal for a longer period of time, or over the course of multiple visits.

Wildlife Parks and Nature Preserves:

observe nature at wildlife parks

These parks put you in the center of the action.  Whether up close and personal with a giraffe, or sitting still and bird watching, each of these locations inspire curiosity.

State Parks:

Observe nature in state parks

Even though these locations are at maximum a couple of hours outside of the metroplex, when you arrive, you feel like you've been transported into a peaceful and serene destination.  If you visit outside of peak time, the wildlife will be out and about to observe.


Observe nature in cultivated gardens

A beautiful garden is like a buffet for the eyes.  With so many colors, shapes, sizes, and smells, one could spend hours marveling at the diversity.  These locations are also great to visit often as the color offerings are new with each season.

City Parks:

Observe nature in city parks

There are so many local parks that have streams or ponds, and offer great nature trails.  These free options could be within walking distance from your home.  Check your local city parks and recreation page to see a listing of all that they have to offer.  Here are some of the best around the DFW metroplex.

60 Places to go in north Texas to enjoy nature

Where is your favorite place to go to observe and enjoy nature?

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