High Tea Training

I have an amazing Mother-in-law.  This week she has taken my children, loved on them, spoiled them, and invested in them.  Although we are very different, we both have a heart to cultivate virtue in my children.  Thankfully, she has been equipped with gifts different than mine.  I have learned so much from her over the past 16 years. One of my favorite training moments was a magical birthday experience she created for the fifth birthday of my youngest.

taking high tea seriously

It's never to early to start the training of a lady.

We met at the Dallas Arboretum and found a beautiful little secluded table to set up the High Tea.  From the time they were old enough to drink out of a cup, they had been having tea parties with Grandma.  When the time arrived for a full on high tea with hats and gloves in their fancy dresses in  a beautiful garden, they were prepared and took the whole experience very seriously (for the most part). A lady must be trained, and it takes copious amounts of time.

High tea cultivating little ladies

High tea pouring out

Preparation expresses love

I have a suspicion that my mother-in-law is the real Mary Poppins.  She carries bags around that contain endless treasures that bring joy to all the children around her.  Every time we went to a restaurant, or camping, or stayed at her house, she always has just the right materials placed strategically to make the recipient feel utterly loved.  A lady makes sure that those around her are well taken care of and they know they are loved.  

High tea in training

Grandma and grandaughter high tea

Words of life are always on her lips

One thing that Grandma is known for is her captivating retellings of Bible stories.  Never missing an opportunity, she connects the truths of scripture to her conversations.  Evidence of her faith permeates all that she does.  My middle daughter's favorite story is Jonah.  The last time they went camping, Grandma turned the story into a script and the kids acted it out.  A lady trains those around her in Truth.

Godly grandmas pouring out wisdom to their grandchildren

high tea happiness

A woman who fears the Lord is always attractive

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  Proverbs 31:30

Although she had my girls all dressed up, she never valued their appearance over their behavior.  A lady's beauty comes from within.

High tea training takes practice

high tea big sister

She treats those around her like royalty

When my youngest left that day, she felt like a princess.  Everything was beautiful and her birthday could not have been any better.  She brought a friend with diet restrictions, and Grandma made sure that the friend had beautiful treats that she could eat.  A lady makes everyone feel like the most important person in the world.  

sweet girl at high tea

I'm so thankful for other people who invest in our children, and lessons learned at High Tea.

High tea training cultivates virtue

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