Content in the Mess

Some people in my life have the idea that my house is always clean, my schedule is always perfect, and my plans always succeed. I'm here to tell you this isn't the truth, and I brought proof.   content in the mess tables piled up  content in the mess kitchen chair  content in the mess  content in the mess school room floor  content in the mess kitchen piles

I am happy scheduler. I love to make lists. I love to check boxes. I thrive in routine. However, God has a different plan for my life. He has decided to sanctify me through bringing people into my life that take over my schedules, change my lists, and leave most of my boxes unchecked: my kids. Let me make it clear -I am not complaining. I am most thankful that my selfish desires have been invaded, and my heart is being reformed into the relationship loving image of Christ.

So here's how this summer was supposed to go...according to my plans:content in the mess summer failed planI had vision and desires for my summer to shift to a light school schedule, and even typing this makes the planner inside of me wish that it happened as I had hoped.  I know the value of what I planned, but I also know that by yielding to God's design for our summer, I will be free to enjoy so much more. My entire schedule has not been wrecked, and we've fit it in on days with nothing planned, but our diversions have turned out to be blessings in disguise. Here are the top 7 events from the last month that were not on my list, but well worth my time.

7.  Driving my kids to jobs - This definitely wasn't on my plan as the jobs that come up for my kids are need based and hired by friends.  What a blessing to take my kids to learn diligence, hard work, and responsibility.  Yes, I will drop the math lesson for that.  (especially when they are calculating how much they are making per hour the entire time they are working on the job...yes, my 14 year old did this...made him work faster)!

6.  Starting a Blog - This was an unexpected addition in my life that has been very enjoyable.  As a home-schooler, I need times of reflection, rejuvenation an inspiration to help me stay the course. 

5.  Opening my home to music - My husband has started teaching music out of our house and we have loved having him at home with us.  My favorite aspect is hanging out with the moms and families of his students.  My home has become a bustling hub of fun...and I love building relationships.

4.  Taking care of myself - One item not on my radar for the summer was dental work. Unfortunately, I am quick to ignore my own health over taking care of those around me.  It's taken several visits and a bit of pain recovery to get my mouth back to health, and that was not on my list for the summer.  

3. Cousin Fun - My sister-in-law needed help with her kidos while she was in her cousin's wedding.  Being free to work around her schedule allowed me an opportunity to open my home to love on my sweet niece and nephew.content in the mess swimmers

2.  Serving a mom of young kids - We had the chance to take care of three little people (6, 4, 3) while their mom attended a Classical Conversations Practicum.  I remember the days of littles...exhausting work.  What a blessing for us to have time to love on those sweet little lives.  

1.  Driving to Nashville and back in two days - Most definitely not in my plans was my impromptu trip to Nashville to pick up my son and two nieces from camp after the bus broke down.  For my son, I have given him a tangible picture of my love, and for my nieces, I have created memories of a great road trip home.  They are such treasured people whose company and conversation I thoroughly enjoy.  Worth every minute.

content in the mess travel So my school room is a wreck, my living room is a fort, and I've lost the war for clean surfaces.  My home and schedule are a mess, but my heart and life is in the will of God.  We'll work our schedule when we can, but I won't worry about the summer days that fall off the mark.  I'm building relationships, and that will make school work in the fall more enjoyable for all of us!

content in the mess growing too fast  content in the mess summer  content in the mess splashing

For now, I will be content with the mess.  We'll clean it up eventually!content in the mess title


  1. jill on August 30, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    My quote,” clean up eventually means the kids has left home.” We do our best to keep up the cleaning business but with revolving door with life, it sure is hard. It means kids are still at home! In my case one is still being homeschooled! Laundry is never finished with two boys and 5 animals!

    • Betsy on August 30, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      I definitely love having kids more than I love having a clean house! Great quote.

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