Camping Adventures: Ft. Parker

Our family loves spending time together outdoors.  I also love a quick getaway.  Located only an hour and a half south of Dallas, Ft. Parker is a perfect weekend escape.  Texas is rich with state parks, but this one is one of my favorites because of it's beautiful views and limited campsites.  Due to it's small number of campsites, even at full capacity, this park will retain it's peaceful offerings to campers.

Sometimes, when we don't have a lot of time to get away, we lazy camp.  As much as I love setting up a tent, the time it takes can really eat away at time spent exploring.  So, we just throw a couple of air mattresses in the car, and rent a screened shelter.  It makes for a quick and easy way to camp.  Don't worry, all of the windows face away from other shelters.

Fort Parker screened shelterThis shelter was elevated above the campsites below it leaving a beautiful view without obstruction.

fort parker sunset

fort parker sunset pier

While we were there, we were able to enjoy observing the local wildlife.

fort parker sunset and wildlife

fort parker wildlife

There are many lovely nature trails to wander through that are perfect for beginner hikers. Most Texas lakes are maintained utilizing dams.  This one is no different.

Fort Parker State Park Damn Fort Parker State Park lake

Our favorite part about camping is simply the opportunity to get away and connect with one another as we disconnect from the world.

Fort Parker State Park Family Time

Check out more about this great state park.  There is also a great historical site just down the road - if you'd like to take in some Texas history as well.

Where do you like to go and disconnect?

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