My Favorite Way to Eat Eggs

I am a sweets-for-breakfast girl.  If I could, I would rotate cinnamon rolls, donuts, and anything covered in sweet syrup as my morning indulgence.  However, as you can probably guess, when I do, by mid-morning I'm all out of patience for listening to a budding reader, creativity for re-explaining a math problem, or excitement for tackling a new read aloud.

I needed protein, something quick, and something that wouldn't leave a huge mess in the kitchen.

What could be better than eggs?

I made it my mission to find the best way to prepare eggs, and here's what I came up with: eggs over easy.  They take five minutes to cook, and if you use enough butter, the pan stays pretty clean, reducing the extra work I despise in the morning.


Okay, so I never really thought I liked eggs over easy, but I think it was a texture issue.  If you've never prepared eggs in this way before, you should give it a try.  Food Network's Alton Brown gives great step-by-step instructions.

The two elements that make eggs over easy a winner every time for me are:

1.  Lots of butter...yes, butter.  The fat becomes fuel to power through that mid-morning mommy meltdown, and it just makes everything taste so good!

2.  Sliced avocado.  I'll admit, I like avocado with just about anything, but it is especially good with eggs.  The creamy goodness mellows out the egg flavor and also provides additional good fats to make this breakfast a surprisingly satisfying power house of a breakfast.


I don't need a whole avocado, but I hate to waste it on a single breakfast.  The good news is if you leave the pit in the avocado, you can stick it in the fridge for tomorrow morning's breakfast.  The avocado does not go bad as quickly with the pit in.

So, what's your favorite way to eat an egg?


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