7 Organization Principles to Maximize Your Home

My family lives with my mother in the house where I grew up. When you’ve lived in the same place for over forty years, things tend to pile up. I’ve developed some organization principles over the years to help keep our home available for hospitality. They may not be profound, but it seems as I…

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10 Ways to Reclaim the School Room

Reclaim the School Room

We have gone crazy since Christmas cleaning out, organizing, and cleaning up our home.  It all started with my girls wanting to renovate their room.  In order to paint and set their room up like they wanted, we really had to purge.  It was incredible!  After we finished cleaning up everything, there was a weight…

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Homeschool Storage Solutions

One thing homeschoolers are never in short supply of is stuff.  Aside from the normal everyday pile-ups of life, we have the extra troubles of “evidence of schooling” spilling onto every surface in the house.  Over the years, I’ve found some great solutions for taming the chaos.  Here are my must haves: 1.  Open Shelving:…

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