Playing With Latin Verbs

Latin in the Grammar Stage | Playing with Verbs

If you’ve spent any time studying languages, you most likely agree that verbs have the power to humble an eager linguist.  As English speakers, we often don’t realize the complexity of meaning that each verb holds, and therefore, rarely understand the fullness a tiny little word can contain. In Cycle 2 in the Foundations program of…

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Where Do I Begin With Grammar Stage Latin?

Where to begin in Latin Studies

When I started my Latin studies, my son was almost thirteen and would soon be entering Challenge A.  At that point, I was also aware that I would be tutoring Challenge A, and would need to learn Latin with the students from the Henle text.  Eager to accelerate my classical homeschooling, I thought it would…

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Top 3 Skills Gained in Challenge A

Classical Conversations Challenge A

Our family has been a part of Classical Conversations communities since 2010.  I homeschooled a year without it, and while I enjoyed being able to guide the direction of our studies, I knew that if I was going to make it through the high school years, I’d need a community.  When I found CC, I…

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Learning the Grammar of the Bible

As a classically educating family, we are always looking for the grammar of a subject – you know the basic information that enables one to have a foundation to build upon as they continue to learn more in that area. Often with the Bible, we assume people know the grammar because of their age.  Why…

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