5 Days of Christmas: Doesn’t Have to Cost a Penny

Free Fun for Christmas

The past few days I’ve been sharing with you our family tradition of focusing on Christmas presence rather than Christmas presents.  We stumbled across this idea because our budget was tight and we needed to get a little creative.  I don’t think you have to have a small budget to bless your kids with your presence,…

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Top 10 Games for Family Game Night

We are a game loving family.  We’re always looking for new games to play and then returning to our old favorites.  Here’s a list of our most recent top 10 that will stay on our shelves for a long time and make family game night a favorite for all. 1.  Chess This is my son’s…

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Ready, Set, Race! 5 minutes of Rapid Recall

Essentials Chart Race

So often our homeschooling day becomes filled with tasks that need to get checked off of a list, that essentials like drawing maps, copying charts, or memorizing vocabulary are overlooked and forgotten. To make things worse, the only way to memorize maps, charts, or vocab is through daily repetition.  When we started Challenge A, we…

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A Quick Game to Foster Creativity: Add on Art

The other day I was working on preparing for the upcoming school year, which meant that the kids were left to fend for themselves.  Occasionally my youngest finds herself a little lost in figuring out what to do.  My husband grabbed her, gave her a marker, and they started playing what he calls: “Add on…

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Top 3 Games to Play With CC Memory Work Flashcards

Games for Classical Conversations

When I first joined Classical Conversations, I was trying to pace myself in how much I spent on materials.  Sadly, I decided to leave the cute little deck of memory work flashcards off of my list.  However, for my birthday that year (conveniently in July), my sweet mother bought them for me!  I remember flipping…

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