Latin Nouns Declension Free Printable

Latin Noun Declension Worksheets

This year in our Classical Conversations memory work, we are memorizing the endings for Latin nouns. I love that the CC program takes so much time to really memorize these vital bits of information. Sometimes it’s challenging as a parent to memorize something when you don’t understand its purpose. Before I started studying Latin with my son, I…

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Plans for a New School Year

Foundations and Essentials Plans

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure policy for more details. I love planners, planning, organizing schedules, etc. When I first started homeschooling, I over planned, over organized, and over scheduled to the point that everyone was consistently feeling like a failure. Slowly and painstakingly I have been able to turn…

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Top 3 Games to Play With CC Memory Work Flashcards

Games for Classical Conversations

When I first joined Classical Conversations, I was trying to pace myself in how much I spent on materials.  Sadly, I decided to leave the cute little deck of memory work flashcards off of my list.  However, for my birthday that year (conveniently in July), my sweet mother bought them for me!  I remember flipping…

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What’s on my bookshelf: “Everything You Need to Know About” Series

I’ve added affiliate links below, which means by purchasing through these links, the price doesn’t change, but I would receive a little compensation for pointing you in their direction.  All of my opinions stay the same with or without your purchase. I love these books!  They are a great resource for any student, but if you’re…

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