Design on Her Dime

tween design bedroom

While we were counting up our final savings for our road trip, my daughter realized that savings can really add up. She remarked, “Next I want to save up to redecorate my room!”  It’s amazing how empowering success can be. Part of me wanted to say, “No, your room is fine.  We don’t need to spend…

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Proverbs 17:17 – Scripture Coloring Sheet

scripture printable

It’s funny how a simple verse can be so convicting once contemplated.  Does that ever happen to you? I was looking for a verse to celebrate love and Valentines Day, and I ran across Proverbs 17:17.  Sandwiched between verses describing the perils of evildoing, false talking, and crooked hearts, there’s this one little jewel of…

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10 Tips for Pulling off an Impromptu Getaway

impromptu getaway tips

I’m a planner.  I love having things booked out way in advance to look forward to.  However, sometimes, the plans never seem doable.  There’s no time to spare, no money in the bank, or no hope on the horizon. When those times arise, you need to keep your radar on to seize the unexpected free…

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Scripture Meditation: Free Adult Coloring Printable

Adult Coloring Printable

I am totally on board with the adult coloring craze!  If you could have only seen my notes from college, you’d know that I must have been way ahead of the trend, because this is what I did to focus my thoughts as I listened to lectures.  Typically my mind is all over the place,…

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The Plans I Have For You Devotional & Journal Review

It’s a new year, and that offers new opportunities to refocus hearts and minds on our relationships with Jesus.  I’ve been looking for a devotional to go through with my youngest, and when I saw The Plans I Have For You Devotional and Journal, I was intrigued.  Jeremiah 29:11, the reference of the verse where the title…

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