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Adventures in Spelling…and Reading for that matter

I am not a natural speller.  I called myself a “creative” speller because I could come up with some pretty outlandish combinations of letters when asked to spell a simple word. With my own struggles looming over me, choosing a spelling curriculum was daunting.  I burned through many different curricula because I could never find…

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How Highlighting Changed the Way I Think When I Read

Last year, while tutoring Challenge A, one of the greatest tools I learned was Andrew Kern’s highlighting system.  It is a color coded process for marking books.  Recently, Sarah Mackenzie hosted a webinar where Andrew taught her about the system. It is worth a watch. For those of you who are skeptics about marking in books,…

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Top 3 Skills Gained in Challenge A

Classical Conversations Challenge A

Our family has been a part of Classical Conversations communities since 2010.  I homeschooled a year without it, and while I enjoyed being able to guide the direction of our studies, I knew that if I was going to make it through the high school years, I’d need a community.  When I found CC, I…

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Biloxi Beach Bliss

Last year at this time, my husband was graduating from Seminary, and our whole family celebrated with a trip to the beach.  I found a great deal on groupon for the South Beach Biloxi Hotel and Suites in Mississippi – a beach I had never visited, but the hotel looked so inviting, we decided to take a…

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