Welcome Code Breakers! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? This is our last lesson. (Weeps silently). But don’t fret! After this lesson, if you are feeling confident, there is a whole world of Latin out there for you to explore.

In Lesson 5 we will be covering the following:

  • Overall review
  • Gender rules for 3rd declension nouns
  • 3rd declension noun endings
  • Identifying forms of the 3rd declension
  • 3rd declension “i-stem” noun endings
  • Identifying forms of 3rd declension i-stem nouns
  • 3rd declension neuter noun endings
  • Identifying forms of 3rd declension neuter nouns
  • Latin to English translation of 3rd declension nouns

For more Latin practice, purchase the Latin with Andy Code Breakers At Home Worksheets and follow along with the videos below!


Lesson 5: Day 1

3rd declension may be scary, and that’s OK. What matters is what you do about it. We’re going to tackle this lesson one small step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro. Today’s small step includes taking a look at 3rd declension noun endings. Maybe we’ll also do a bit of verb review… you never know. 😉

Lesson 5: Day 2

Don’t forget to practice declining your nouns! It may seem dull sometimes, but the more practice the better. Today we are going to focus in on 3rd declension gender rules. Make sure and put your thinking caps on for this one!

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Lex, legis - law
  • Rex, regis - king

Lesson 5: Day 3

Alrighty. Today we’re just going to practice what we have learned. Let’s combine what we learned from day 1 and day 2, and practice identifying the gender, number, and case of some 3rd declension nouns.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Veritas, veritatis - truth
  • Homõ, hominis - man

Lesson 5: Day 4

Hi Code Breakers! Today we are going to learn a small branch of the 3rd declension. Trust me, nothing much will change. We are going to look at “i-stem” nouns and how to pick them out of a crowd.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Avis, avis - bird
  • Nox, noctis - night

Lesson 5: Day 5

What’s up guys? Today we are going to learn a third branch of the 3rd declension. Just like 2nd declension, 3rd declension neuter nouns are declined slightly different than the rest.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Gramen, graminis - grass
  • Flumen, fluminis - river

Lesson 4: Day 6

CONGRATS! You have made it to the final day of the final lesson of Code Breakers! Well done. In this final lesson, put your thinking caps on, cause we’re putting it all togther. Vocab quiz today!