Latin With Andy Code Breakers Lesson 4

This is the lesson you have all been waiting for. In lesson 4 we are going to learn how to create action in our sentences! Verbs are probably my favorite part of the Latin language. Everything you need to know is clearly laid out for you in the word.

In this lesson, we will be learning the following:

  • English to Latin translation
  • 1st conjugation present tense endings
  • 1st conjugation imperfect tense tense endings
  • 1st conjugation future tense endings
  • Latin to English translation with verbs

For more Latin practice, purchase the Latin with Andy Code Breakers At Home Worksheets and follow along with the videos below!


Lesson 4: Day 1

Hey Code Breakers! Today we are going to focus on learning present tense endings. You know what they say… There’s no time like the present!

Lesson 4: Day 2

Now that we have a good grip on how present tense endings work, let’s do some English to Latin translation and put these verbs to action! (See what I did there). Don’t forget to write all four parts of your verb on your flashcard.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Laudō, laudāre, laudāvī, laudātus - praise

Lesson 4: Day 3

Hey guys! Remember how nouns had three pieces to identify? Let’s practice identifying the pieces of verbs that we have learned: person, number, and tense.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Portō, portāre, portāvī, portātus - carry

Lesson 4: Day 4

Are you ready to learn how to travel through time? It’s actually easier than you think. Today we are going to learn the imperfect tense of 1st conjugation verbs. Keep an eye out for a friend of mine named Steve.

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Amō, amāre, amāvī, amātus - love

Lesson 4: Day 5

Great work guys! Keep it up. We just jumped back in time, now it’s time to journey to the future! Today we will learn the future tense of 1st conjugation verbs. Good luck!

Today’s Vocabulary:

  • Dõ, dare, dedī, datus - give

Lesson 4: Day 6

One more day in lesson 4! You can do it! Today we are going to put all that we have learned about verbs together with some conjugating and translation. Vocab quiz today!