Latin with Andy Code Breakers Lesson 2

Welcome back Latin learners! I applaud you for working hard and finishing lesson 1! Remember, Latin is one big puzzle. All you have to do is look for the pieces that fit together.

In Lesson 2, we will be covering the following:

  • Review noun cases
  • Review the three parts of a noun
  • Review 1st Declension endings
  • Latin to English translation with 1st declension nouns
  • 2nd declension noun endings
  • The Gender of 1st and 2nd declension nouns
  • Latin to English translation with 2nd declension nouns

For more Latin practice, purchase the Latin with Andy Code Breakers At Home Worksheets and follow along with the videos below!


Lesson 2: Day 1

Today is going to be a piece of cake! So far we have talked about only one noun family. Well, I think you all are ready to move on to the second noun family: the second declension. Don’t forget to write down new vocabulary words as you learn them.

Lesson 2: Day 2

When translating a Latin sentence, there are so many fun things to find! Today we will practice translating and seeing how important number is in a sentence.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Hortus, hortī - garden
  • Fīlius, fīliī - son

Lesson 2: Day 3

One of the easiest things to do with Latin nouns is check their declension. Today we look at how to find a noun’s declension and what to do with that information.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Amīcus, amīcī - friend
  • Deus, Deī - God

Lesson 2: Day 4

Hi Code Breakers! A super important part of learning Latin is to practice identifying as much as you can about a Latin noun. Today we are going to get in some practice identifying the gender, number, and case of 2nd declension nouns.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Chrīstiānus, Chrīstiānī - Christian
  • Servus, servī - slave, servant

Lesson 2: Day 5

Well done Code Breakers! So far we have learned about 1st declension and 2nd declension nouns. It’s time to put them together. Today we will attempt to translate a Latin sentence containing nouns from both families. Tread carefully! You never know what you might come across!

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Gladius, gladiī - sword
  • Rōmānus, Rōmānī - a Roman

Lesson 2: Day 6

Remember those handy prepositions? Today we are going to see a little bit of how they work in Latin. Vocab quiz today!