Latin with Andy Code Breakers – Lesson 1

Hello Latin students! Please keep arms and minds inside of the vehicle at all times as we embark on this journey into the Latin language. Latin is like a puzzle - a code waiting for us to crack, and trust me, it can become an extremely enjoyable language to learn. In lesson 1 we will be covering the following:

  • Noun jobs
  • Noun cases
  • 1st Declension noun endings
  • Number

For more Latin practice, purchase the Latin with Andy Code Breakers At Home Worksheets and follow along with the videos below!


Lesson 1: Day 1

Today we are going to make flashcards, practicing declining with 1st declension nouns and define the nominative case. Do not be afraid. You can do it!

Lesson 1: Day 2

Today we will talk about what a case really is, practice declining with a 1st declension noun, and define direct objects. As we go, write down vocabulary! It is super important to practice memorizing these words.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Gloria, gloriae - glory
  • Poeta, poetae - poet

Lesson 1: Day 3

You ready Code Breakers? Today we are going to talk about the three parts of a noun: gender, number, and case. Not only this, but also we will examine the effects of a dangerous creature called context! Keep an eye out for my imaginary pet fish who one day will rule the world.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Terra, terrae - earth, land
  • Via, viae - road, way

Lesson 1: Day 4

Buckle up Code Breakers. Today we are going to talk about modifiers and a special noun case called the “genitive case.” Keep up the good work!

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Agricola, agricolae - farmer
  • Silva, silvae - forest

Lesson 1: Day 5

Good work friends! Keep on pushing and stretching your mind and you will make it to the finish line! Today we will talk about the direct object’s pal, the indirect object. Pay attention to their special relationship.

Today’s vocabulary:

  • Porta, portae - gate
  • Nauta, nautae - sailor

Lesson 1: Day 6

Congrats Code Breakers! This is the last day of this lesson. We are going to talk about the extremely useful preposition and how it works hand in hand with our nouns. Vocab quiz today!