A Secret Garden Inspired Planty Party

My middle daughter turned 13 this past week and we celebrated with a Secret Garden inspired Planty Party. My girl is slightly obsessed with succulents…growing them, drawing them, and enjoying them. Every time we go to a garden store, we have to stroll slowly down the succulent aisle to see what’s new. We don’t do parties every year for…

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How to Teach Geography When You Don’t Love It

I’m guest posting on Bright Ideas Press today! It can be challenging to be a homeschooling mom because you will face teaching subjects in levels that either you’re not equipped to teach, or you just flat out don’t enjoy. When you face those hurdles, it’s good to have an action plan for clearing them. Today’s…

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Queen Girls – Help These Inspiring Women Realize Their Dreams

Queen Girls

My youngest is a dreamer as well as a fighter. She has faced difficulties in her education that her older siblings have not. In these struggles, she’s found strength and determination that she didn’t know was possible. I desire to encourage her to keep fighting for her dreams. One of the best ways to keep…

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