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The Bible Project Coffee Table Book Greatness

I’m always looking for excellent resources that help make the truths of the Bible memorable and easy to understand. One of our family’s favorite find is the illustrated videos from the Bible Project. This non-profit ministry is doing some incredible things to equip people with resources to read the Word of God for themselves—the most…

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Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus – Road Map Month 3

We have made it through the wilderness, you know we made it through…(are you singing along with me yet?) It’s hard to struggle with the Israelites through their rebellion and wandering years—most likely because they remind me too much of myself.  If you’ve been reading through *most of the Bible in a year with us,…

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Finding True Love in God’s Word

I was talking to my teenage niece the other day and we were discussing how even though she’s never had a “Valentine” date on Valentine’s Day, the holiday has always been fun to celebrate and look forward to. She attributes this to the fact that her Nana throws the best Valentine’s Day grandkids parties. Every…

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Walking Through the Gospels with Christ Chronological

As we’ve purposed to walk our kids through the Bible this year in chronological order, I have been keeping my eyes out for excellent resources to supplement our studies. The gospels have always fascinated me with their distinct flavors, while each telling the same story. When I saw Christ Chronological, a new resource from Lifeway…

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