One of those paradoxical scenarios as a homeschooling mom is that learning more about homeschooling makes you a better home educator, but there is rarely any time (or brain space) for reading! So how do you fit it in? And what should you read?

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When to Read?

Finding time to read can be tricky, but it's very possible. Here are some options for getting books on your list read:

  1. Read for 10 minutes every night (or listen on Audible). If you're reading a book that is 7 hours long, that will take you 42 nights to complete. In a little over a month, you can read an entire book! That is about 8 books a year.
  2. Put a book in the bathroom. Seriously. This is the only time I can catch a second to myself. Read a paragraph or a section while you take a quick break, and before long, you'll have made it through a chapter!
  3. Take a book with you wherever you go. Either throw a book in your purse, or keep your kindle app on your phone, and use those spare minutes waiting for kids to catch up on some reading.
  4. Get out of town. Other jobs require their employees to attend conferences for continued learning. Take a weekend trip with a stack of books and go be refreshed!

What to read?

If you're looking to find some new inspiration, I've listed my favorites below along with some of my reader's favorites. Any of these options will inspire you and enrich your family's education.

My Favorite Mom Resources

Recommendations from My Readers: